Encouraging Donations With a Raffle Fundraiser

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Non-profit organizations are a constantly developing force, and with this development, come the need of funds.

With honorable goals on their mind, many non-profit organizations find it difficult to simply ask for donations. This predicament is easily avoided through the use of a raffle fundraiser.

Raffle fundraisers are a way of gaining significant funds, while offering donors a chance to be reimbursed, which encourages people to donate.

Diverse raffle fundraisers are the most appealing, because you want to offer rewards the interest different types of people, so you are not limited to a single demographic. With the proper marketing and advertising, raffle ticket sales would sky rocket.

Beneficial advertising includes the purpose of the fundraiser, the items being raffled, and the cost of a ticket. This will allow people to know whom they are donating to, what they may win, and how much they will be donating. This set price eliminates the inconvenient guessing game that many donors face when considering a donation.

Along with marketing come those who are selling the tickets. Ticket sellers must be well informed and enthusiastic about the cause they are fundraising for. This will maximize awareness and subsequently ticket sales. In order to encourage this behavior in ticket sellers, a rewards system should be put in place. If they sell 50 tickets, maybe they get a free dinner at the raffle event, or for every 20 raffle tickets they sell, they receive one free raffle ticket for themselves.

These sorts of rewards motivate positive performance from workers, which is an important part in selling raffle tickets.

Fundraising: Plan To Succeed With A Fundraiser

Fundraising can be a hit and miss affair. Often, particularly in the smaller organisations, the fundraising tasks are given to people with little or no fundraising experience.

It is extremely important for those people to understand that fundraising is a discipline. It should be approached as such, and any fundraising effort should be preceded by a properly thought out fundraising plan. Planning a successful fundraiser is a plan to succeed, failing to plan your fundraiser is a plan to fail.

It’s not particularly difficult to develop a fundraising plan. It needn’t be especially detailed or involved, but you do need to give it some thought.

The first thing to think about is your goal. What is it you are trying to do? How much are you trying to raise? What is your ultimate objective for your fundraiser?

Who do you have available to run the fundraiser? What skills do they have? How much time do they have?

What will your fundraising activity be? Will you be selling something? How? When? Where? To whom? How much profit will a sale make? How many do you need to sell to make your goal? Is there demand? Who will your buyers be? Will you be where they are on the day?

Once you have the basics drawn up add meat to the fundraising plan. Details. Who will do what when. How they will do it. What resources will they need? Assign tasks and duties according to the skills different people have. Make sure they know what they are doing and are happy doing it. Plan supplies. Plan small details like change available, stock available.
Create a calendar with all the steps marked on it. Create deadlines. Stick to them. Let everyone know what their duties are and when they are assigned to them. Follow up to make sure each step is completed.

Review the plan as you go. Be prepared to alter some details if necessary. What if someone is sick? Does the whole fundraiser fall over? Have some alternatives planned. What if the weather is bad? What will happen? Where will you go?
And on the day make sure that everything is in place before it all starts. Then get on with making it a great fundraiser.

Fundraising is like a war. If you want to win you’ve got to work out how and plan out every step. Expert fundraisers know this and know exactly how to plan a successful fundraising event. Make sure you do the same and you’ll be an expert fundraiser in no time.

For a website totally devoted to Fundraising visit Peter’s Website Fundraising Answers and find out about Fundraising as well as Charity Fundraising and more, including Cheerleading Fundraising, Church Fundraisers and School Fundraisers.

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Fun Ways to Help With Your School’s Funding

Finding enough money to keep a public school running is sometimes difficult, especially during the past few years of economic instability. Funding a school is tough if the costs for maintenance, salary, and supplies keep increasing. Luckily, some students and parents are more than willing to help with their schools’ funding.

When people talk about organizing a school fundraiser, one of the first things that come to mind is a bake sale. This tired, old idea may work, but you need to come up with something better than that. If you’re interested in helping out with your own school’s funds, here are a few fun yet effective fund raising ideas for parents and students of all ages.

Gift Basket Raffles

This is an interesting twist to the old standard in school funding events. While selling regular raffle tickets for single-item prizes are always good, raffling off prize packages with multiple items in them attracts more people. You can assign each class to bring one package for the raffle. You can assign a theme for each basket, or have each class come up with their own ideas.

A Cultural Food Fair

Teaching your children to be proud of their heritage and be respectful of other cultures is an important part of parenting. Introducing them to traditional dishes from your native state or country is a great way to get started. When organizing cultural food fair, you need to ask each student’s family to bring a traditional dish to sell at the fair. You can have the fair booths divided according to class and year level, or according to the places each dish originated from. Having someone on-hand to explain the history of the dish or having informative materials such as flyers or posters may make your food fair more educational and fun.

Art Sales

Organizing art sales is a great way to encourage students’ creativity while acquiring extra funding for school. You can pick the students’ best pieces from their art class for the sale, or have them come up with brand new pieces of art. Don’t force them to sell their original artwork, though. You can have art pieces scanned, printed, and framed for the sale. You can also use the artwork to create postcards, bookmarks, or greeting cards, which you can sell in bulk.

Game Night

Playing a traditional board game is a great way for families and communities to bond. Organizing a fun evening of games anyone in your community can attend for a small fee is a great way to boost your school’s funding while encouraging interaction with the family. Today’s tech-savvy kids may get bored with the old games, though, so you may want to consider throwing in a few video games into the mix. Just make sure the video games are age-appropriate and encourage the participation of multiple players.

When coming up with ways to earn funding for school, you should make sure it’s fun, educational, and profitable. Don’t go with plain bake sales or garage sales. You can brainstorm with teachers, the students, and other parents to come up with fresh ideas.

Amelia Roberts {Author} is an active faculty member who earns extra school funds through schools funding events.

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Raffle Tickets Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Everyone knows that holding a raffle is a simple, easy and potentially profitable way for a charity or non-profit organization to raise needed funds.

But let’s have a look at how the simple use of raffle tickets as a marketing tactic can help your small businesses attract new customers and cement customer loyalty.

The idea is simple and very inexpensive to put into play and here it is in a nutshell:

Hold a monthly raffle:

Display signage that informs your customers that winners will be posted in our store on ____________ (date)

Prize must be claimed within 14 days (you set the rules) of drawing date.

This way the customer has to come back to the store to see if they are a winner. This creates excitement

The business can also add a coupon on the raffle ticket that is only good for a specific week.

Let your imagination run wild.

Post your success tips and stories in the comments.

Good luck!

Raffle Fundraising and Police Unity Tour Ride Hand in Hand

The Police Unity Tour is riding strong across the U.S.A., raising funds and bringing public awareness of Police Officers who have died in the line of duty and to honor their sacrifices.

A very worthwhile cause indeed.

In May 1997 the Police Unity Tour was organized, by Officer Patrick P. Montuore of the Florham Park Police Department.

What started with 18 riders on a four-day fund-raising bicycle ride from Florham Park, NJ to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. has grown into 8 Chapters consisting of nearly 1700 members nationwide who make the trip annually.

Although based in New Jersey, the Police Unity Tour now boasts members from all other states as well as other countries. In addition to having members represent over 40 states there are also members from Australia, England, Israel, Italy, India and Canada.

Last year they were able to donate over 1.72 Million Dollars to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, bringing total donations to nearly 14 Million Dollars.

Many chapters of this organization are now supplementing their fundraising activities by selling raffle tickets for raffle fundraising.

We salute and support the organizers and participants of this fantastic cause.

Sell Raffle Tickets the Quick Fire Way

We all know that holding a raffle is a fantastic way for non-profit organizations and other groups to raise needed funds.

If your organization would like to have the ability to raise money with as little effort as possible, consider organizing a “Quick-Fire” 50-50 Raffle.

Start by defining how much money you would like to raise for your cause. Do you think the goal is attainable with the amount of time you have available to sell the raffle tickets?

When determining the time allotment of your campaign, determine how many volunteers would be actively promoting and selling raffle tickets.

Now, here’s what a “Qucik-Fire” 50-50 Raffle is all about:

Sell raffle tickets for a $1, or any denomination you think would sell.

When you have decided on this, order your custom printed raffle tickets.

You take 50% of the proceeds; the winner takes 50%. It’s as simple as that!

Your volunteers can sell tickets at work, door-to-door, at PTA meetings, or any event where there is an audience. Offer incentives for a multiple ticket purchase, e.g. four tickets for $5.

Can you think of a quicker, simpler, yet potentially more profitable way to raise funds for your good cause?

Fundraising Idea – Rotary Club Fundraiser

This idea has been in use for twenty-five years, by my Vermont Rotary Club, and has been a tremendous success. The concepts used in this fundraiser are general to any successful and profitable fundraiser.

This fundraiser is a fundraising idea where the outcome, of sports results, is used to decide winners. Since each ticket has two teams, for a given week, that are randomly assigned, the fundraiser is best described as a sports-based raffle. However, this “raffle” has the added thrill of the buyer being able to root for a team’s outcome, if a certain outcome will enhance the chance of winning. It is enjoyable for ticket buyers because it is sports-based, they win money, and they buy one ticket and can win every week over the sports season.

A raffle is generally a contest in which participants purchase a ticket or “chance” at winning a prize. A raffle is an easy fundraiser to initiate, and requires fewer volunteer hours to plan and conduct than any other type of fundraiser. This raffle works so well because of the high profit margin. Total annual cost of running this raffle is less than 2% of total income. The annual cost is around $50 for commercial printing of the front of the tickets, and the proceeds are limited only by the number of tickets sold. My Rotary Club bases the fundraiser on NFL football (496 tickets for a complete “set” at $20 each). With a payout of 50% of total income, we make $5000.

A fringe benefit of raffles is that there are no large up front costs, no inventory or product to stockpile, no orders to take, and no product to deliver except winners’ checks. Also, success is not dependent upon advertising. The advertising is done one-on-one as people sell tickets. This is a great idea for any size
group from just ten people to hundreds. For an NFL football fundraiser, a group of fifty people is ideal, since each person would have to sell only ten tickets each.

A raffle may not be suitable for everyone. In the United States raffle laws vary considerably by state. Determine the legality of your potential fund raiser and that no local or state ordinances, that deal with raffles, are being violated. Do a little Internet research to find out if there are any restrictions in your area. Check with other organizations in your area. Some institutions may even have their own rules concerning fund raisers. Check with your college, university, school, etc.

The preliminary version of the Rotary Club software was written in 1999 to simplify the existing cumbersome method. The software does the setup for the front ot the tickets, prints the back of the tickets, and performs all calculations. The updated software is now being made available to everyone for only $39. The purchase price is negligible compared to the many years of profit your organization will make from this fundraiser.

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Raffle Tickets Great Way to Raise Funds

Raffle tickets are an excellent way to raise money. Many people are looking for an easy way to win that prize that they wouldn’t or perhaps couldn’t buy for themselves.

Raffle Ticket Example

Consider the middle aged man who would love to have the fast sports car. He can’t quite seem to convince his wife to let him spend the money for something so frivolous when they have kids and need a more practical car that can transport everyone in the family.

Well, given the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for a top prize of a convertible sports car would be a great chance to have that dream car. The raffle ticket would cost a very small percentage of what the car would cost. The chances depend on how many sold but why not take the risk. No risk, no reward!

These are the types of opportunities that non profit organizations should seize to raise funds to further its ability to provide the services or further its cause. Raffle tickets are typically sold for a reasonable price especially when considering the possible reward. Many people are willing to invest in the opportunity to win a desired prize while helping a good cause as well.

Offering highly sought after items, can increase the likelihood of selling tickets. Items such the latest smart phone that everyone wants to have, a trip to a tropical destination or a cash prize would appeal to many and help to boost the sales of tickets. In many ways the raffle tickets are like the lottery. People are willing to invest a small amount for the ultimate payout.

To encourage members of the organization to get out and sell as many tickets as possible, the organization should offer incentives for the sellers. People may sell the tickets but will have more drive to do so if they can benefit directly from the sale as well. Prizes can be offered in different thresholds of tickets sold. The prizes for the sellers would increase in value as the higher thresholds are reached. For instance, you may start off with a small cash reward for 10 tickets sold. The next threshold could be set for 25 tickets to win an apparel item with organizations logo – here you are also advertising while rewarding the seller. Set the next thresholds in larger quantities and continue to slightly increase the value of the reward offered.

Team up with local newspapers and radio stations to promote your sale by advertising dates and places tickets can be purchased along with the information on the prizes that will be included. Other ways to increase the sales is to combine the sale of the tickets with a highly attended event. If there are local festivals, organizations should look into the option of setting up a booth during the event.
This can raise attention for the organization and its mission as well.

Let’s Justify Shipping Raffle Tickets Next-Day

It’s late in the week and everything is set up for your raffle fundraiser – prizes, volunteers, and enthusiasm.

Everything that is, excepting for the actual custom printed raffle tickets your volunteers are anxious to sell in order to raise money for your good cause.

First of all, fret not, because next-day shipping is an option when ordering custom printed raffle tickets from www.raffleticket.com.

But can our organization actually justify the added expense of having the raffle tickets shipped the “next-day” option?

Consider this easy and logical “formula” in order to reach a satisfactory and businesslike decision.

If all is in place to begin your sales campaign minus the custom printed raffle tickets, standard ground shipping could mean tickets would not be in your hand and ready for sale for 3 -5 business days.

If your tickets are priced as an example at $1.00 each, but you had 3 or 4 extra days to sell by having them shipped next day option as opposed to ground shipping, could your team sell enough tickets in that time frame to cover the added expense?

Experience shows that with the additional days of selling opportunity, you can more than make up for the added expense.

The option is there for you to take advantage of – or not.

Now go sell some raffle tickets!

“Impact a Life” Raffle Tickets College Scholarship 2014

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