5 Non-Profit Fundraising Tips From a Billionaire

Lifelong serial entrepreneur and genuine billionaire, Mark Cuban started his business career with an ambitious array of teenage enterprises, including buying and selling collectable stamps to pay for college.

In addition to owning a professional basketball team, The Dallas Mavericks, he has been involved in a variety of television and theatrical projects.

This man knows a thing or two about promoting and building businesses and philanthropic causes.

Your non-profit organization can take heed of these awesome 5 tips and “take them to the bank!”

1. Don’t make educating your donors the focus of your communications. Meet them where they are – not where you want them to be.

2. Forget the witty, brainy, philosophical branding campaigns that are designed to “make donors think.” They don’t want to think. They want to help. Show them in simple terms how they can help.

3. Focus your fundraising on the most urgent, tangible and solvable problems faced by those you serve.

4. Ensure your brand communicates your value proposition – what your impact is on the community – not the programs and services you provide.

5. Tell stories that are emotionally engaging and easy to digest.

Now go forth and prosper!

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