“Pick 3” State Lottery Style Raffle

How would you like to have a raffle fundraiser with the winning numbers modeled on the pick three style state lottery?

We frequently are asked if it’s possible to purchase five hundred tickets each with two random sets of numbers. The numbers would include all possibilities of the “Pick-3” of a state lottery (from 000-999). The ticket holder would then have two opportunities to win for each raffle ticket purchased

Why we don’t recommend this:

• Producing these tickets is needlessly expensive.

• The numbers must be random on the tickets for this to work. To be sure you have no duplicate (winning) numbers you have to painstakingly write down each number for each raffle ticket (1000 numbers! – and a lot of hard work).

The better, easier, and cheaper way:

Let’s assume you were planning on selling your five hundred tickets (each with two sets of numbers) for five dollars. It’s much smarter to order 1000 tickets (each with one number set) instead. Then, in place of selling the tickets for five dollars each, sell them two for five dollars (don’t worry, you will raise the exact same amount of money). One thousand standard raffle tickets will cost you less than half the price of five hundred “two- number random tickets”.

Bonus Tip: Sell your tickets for $3 each or 2 for $5. You may have customers who wouldn’t spend $5 but will spend $3. There’s a good chance that you will raise even more money by making sales you would have otherwise missed.

Bonus Tip 2: Regular lottery players like to play the same numbers over and over (their lucky numbers.) Since the tickets will come to you in order, your purchasers will be able to choose their favorite numbers. Instead of buying one ticket they might buy several (with their favorite numbers) resulting in even more ticket sales for your cause!

Before ordering your custom printed raffle tickets, if you need further advice or clarification, don’t hesitate to call us at (513)-733-3900.

3 thoughts on ““Pick 3” State Lottery Style Raffle

  1. Ivette

    Interested in the pick 3 lottery raffle as fundraiser for my son’s travel soccer team. Please send more info on how it works and cost.

  2. Donna Piazzoll

    We are a non-profit softball team looking for a fundraiser and this looked like it would be something we are interested. Please contact me via email or phone.


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