Sell More Raffle Tickets With Social Media

Are you using social media to advance and promote your raffle fundraising event?

Many organizations have a Facebook Page or Twitter account but don’t really know how to maximize it to their benefit. They also don’t understand the financial benefits of having a strong social media presence.

Follow these three steps to leveraging social media for fundraising.

Engage – Think about the last donation you made to a fundraiser. You probably knew somebody or knew the story of the people that your money would help.

People donate money to people, not organizations. We gave to the Red Cross when we saw the effects of Hurricane sandy on the east coast. Even if you didn’t know someone directly affected, you could not help but empathize with their plight. You saw the faces, heard their voices, and learned of the emotion through the media. It doesn’t take CNN covering your team for you to reach your supporters.

You just need to reach those people that matter. Your fans. They can see the faces, hear the voices and learn of the emotion of your program just the same. Use social media to educate and engage your prospects and fans.

A Call-to-Action – There are literally dozens of services that allow you to collect donations online. The problem is, many organizations just post a link on their website and expect the money to flood in. It won’t. Tell your story, engage your community and then tell them what to do next. Post a link to your raffle page with strong call-to-action text like “Purchase Tickets Now” or “Click here to buy a ticket”.

Recognize – Recognize those that support you. It will not only appeal to the vanity of donors but make others feel a sense of being left out. Fear of loss is stronger than the desire for gain.

Make sure you thank your donors personally through your social media channels.

This is another great way to add value to a team sponsorship through social media.

Let’s hear of your great results!

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