7 Easy Steps to a Successful and Profitable Raffle

Does your church need a new piano?  Could your school use new computers? Your marching band’s been invited to play at the Rose Bowl Parade?

How are you going to raise the money for these worthwhile causes?

Easy — Hold a raffle!

Follow these 7 steps to hold a successful raffle for your church, school, organization, or non-profit:

  • Organize a Committee

Gather other people in your organization that are committed to making your fundraising efforts a success.

  • Assign Duties

Decide on a chairperson who will oversee the event. Delegate the tasks necessary such as getting tickets printed and finding prizes to award.

  • What Will You Raffle?

Before you have tickets printed, you will want to decide on what the prizes are and how and where you will acquire them.

  • Solicit Prize Donations

Let’s face it, there will be more money left for your organization if you don’t have to purchase prizes. Ask area merchants to donate goods and services.

  • Have Tickets Printed

It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s inexpensive. www.raffleticket.com

  • Start Selling Tickets!

Recruit as many members of your organization as you can to sell tickets for your worthwhile cause.

  • Hold the Drawing

It’s the big day! Draw the winners and award your prizes.

That was fun.

Enjoy the music from your church’s new piano. Relish in the educational benefits your students will reap with their new computers.

And see you at the Rose Bowl Parade!

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