Successful Raffle Fundraisers

Sometimes you just have to crow about it. Have a look at some of these recent testimonial comments that arrive in our in-box all the time. You will find varying degrees of success with their fundrasising efforts, but they are all instructional and even motivational.

Thanks to all of our clients who take the time to share their raffle fundraising experience. Best of luck to all who are considering or planning a raffle event!

Everything went as planned. We just didn’t get 100% participation the first year. In the second year we ran it we collected the money at sign-ups and gave the tickets out. So essentially we collected the money up front and the members just kept the money they collected. So if they chose not to sell them, we still got our money. One of the knocks on our little league is that we had to many fundraisers and the cost to play was to high. So we chose not to run the fundraiser this year. It will be a huge whole in our budget for 2013.

Your service is awesome and I have recommended it to others. The prompt turnaround and quality of the fundraising tickets were great. The ability to have them grouped and stapled is a plus. Sorry that we are not doing it this year, but you are definitely our go to in the future if we run this again.

Mike L.

The fundraiser we held went EXTREMELY well. Our organization was able
to raise $700 for our future endeavors, and it was easy to sell the
raffle tickets. I was greatly impressed by the quality of your
product. The formatting and tear-away stubs made the entire fundraiser
seem extremely professional.

We plan on placing another order with your company in the near future,
due to the excellent product that you sell and the overwhelming
success that our fundraiser produced.

I will forward the scholarship information on to my teammates and
coach to help generate interest. Thank you very much for the

Thank you for such a wonderful product, and I look forward to
doing business with you again soon.

Bethany B.

The fundraiser we held in 2011 for the bowling team at UC Davis was a huge success. Our goal was to raise $1,500 for the team, and we ended up raising $3,100–more than double our goal. Holding the raffle was also a great way for us to raise support and publicity for the bowling team among local area bowlers and UC Davis students. We held the drawing for the winning tickets in conjunction with an unlimited bowling fundraiser we held at our campus bowling alley, which promoted interest in both the raffle and in the unlimited bowling event. In selling our raffle tickets, we had a lot of success by going to local bowling alleys and selling tickets to adult league bowlers. They were very eager and supportive of collegiate bowling witin their own community. We were also able to encourage team members to sell more tickets by offering a brand new bowling ball to the top seller. Overall, our raffle was very successful, and the current team captain intends to hold another raffle this spring. Thank you for the very nice, professional raffle tickets!

Casey A.

The raffle was a success! The tickets were a hit and very easy to use. The only thing was the turn out at the actual event was low! We sold lots of tickets though and the sole purpose was to raise money! Mission Accomplished! Thank you guys for your support and the wonderful work that you guys did! I have definitely been spreading the word and for future benefits you have my business!

Ivory T.

Can’t wait to hear of your successes!

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