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Raffle Fundraiser to Raise Money for Adoption Expenses

So you and your partner are considering adopting a child. Congratulations!

An important factor to take into consideration is that the entire process can be expensive, even in a two-income family with solid savings in the bank.

You may discover that you’ll need a little help in the financial department. After all, there’s no law that says you have to pay every cent out-of-pocket.

There are a few unique ways to raise money for adoption, and arguably none simpler than holding a fundraising raffle. All you need are some prizes, custom printed raffle tickets, and a way to sell your tickets.

Have a Raffle!

Everyone loves a raffle, and you can easily hold one very inexpensively.. Ask a few local businesses to donate small gift certificates or other valued prizes to your cause, then sell raffle tickets in front of their stores. This is a great way to get customers for your local businesses while still raising money for adoption.

You can also recruit friends and family to help you sell your raffle tickets. Your church can also be a great help with helping you sell tickets. Religious leaders are usually more than happy to do whatever they can to help you raise money for adoption.

We wish you all the best!

Raffle Fundraising Promotion Step-by-Step

If you’re planning any event, the better prepared you are – the smoother things will go and the more probable it will be for a positive outcome.

When planning your organizations’ next fundraising event, follow these easy steps to a more successful raffle fundraiser.

o What’s the budget?
o Organize volunteers
o List everyone involved with your fundraiser
o Who’s your target group?
o List current marketing channels
o Arrange for PR
o Create promotional copy
o Update your website
o Reach out to social media channels
o Create and distribute flyers
o Word of mouth promotion (it’s free!)
o Wrap up your event
o Thank everyone involved
o Count your profits – reap the benefits

Good luck!

P.S. Don’t forget to order your custom printed raffle tickets!

How to Hold a Raffle Fundraiser – Video

Raffle | How to Hold a Raffle Fundraiser | Video

Check out the world premier of our new video now rockin’ the YouTube sphere.

You’ll discover just how simple it is to hold a raffle for your organization’s fundraising needs.

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Raise Funds with a Lottery-Style Raffle

Is your organization planning on holding a fundraiser to raise cash for a worthy need, cause, or project? How about holding lottery-style raffle to make money? The states do, and of course they rake in bundles. You can too, albeit with smaller bundles.

The advantages to holding a lottery-style raffle are numerous, and all you really need to kick it off are custom printed raffle tickets, and a crew of volunteers to sell the tickets.

Consider the advantages;

With this type of raffle fundraiser, you won’t even have to plan and hold a special drawing event. That also means you won’t have to have a raffle drum to pick winners. You also don’t have to worry about collecting the stubs. Raffle ticket holders will simply check their numbered ticket against pick-3, or pick-4 winners of a pre-determined state’s lottery drawing.

The donation per ticket is up to you, as are the prize amounts.

Each ticket will, of course have to have a unique number. You will need to order tickets in lots of 1,000 in order to satisfy all potential number combinations.

There you have it, a no-muss, no-fuss way to rake in “bundles” of cash for your next fundraiser.

Let us know how you did!

Your Raffle Story

So what’s your raffle story?

If your organization has had a raffle event recently, we’d love to hear all about it. After all, sometimes it’s just nice to toot your own horn.

It’s easy to do. Just post your experience in the comment box below.

You’ll want to relate:

1) Your organization’s name.

2) Name and/or type of event. (i.e. 50/50 Raffle)

3) Why your event was a success (or not.)

Of course tips for others who are considering or planning a raffle fundraiser is a great share.

“To do good is noble. To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.”
Mark Twain

Charity Fundraising – 3 Keys to a Successful Fundraiser

There is a cause for everything and everything has a cause. Nonprofit organizations and charities exist because of supports, grants and fund raising.

Unfortunately, fund raising is resource intensive and often takes away from the charity’s original cause. Factor in dropping donations and a poor economy, and non profits find themselves spending more time trying to make ends meet in the books than trying to work towards the greater good.

With one fundraiser that meets the following criteria, your organization will be on it way to truly following its mission.

Efficient Fund raising.

Planning a car wash for months only to have it rain is not efficiency at its best. A solid fund raising endeavor takes minimal time and money to set up and needs to rely on only a few select volunteers to be successful. Use the baking and car washes to build community, the money is a bonus.

Perpetual fund raising.

The main hitch with many fundraisers are that they are “once and done”. These are one-day events that bring in some money but once the day is over, so is the ability to make money. Since these only take place one day not all your supporters can be there, thus not maximizing your donations. The weather can play a huge role in the success of your fundraiser as well, not many people want to tour your facility in the rain. A successful fundraiser allows the organization to put a program into action and let it raise funds over and over again with little to no further effort. A fundraiser should be there when your organization needs it, not based on weather, or any other thing besides your schedule.

Reciprocal Fund Raising.

Their have been successful fund raising campaigns selling candles for twice the amount that you could by them in the store. Supporters of the charities buy these items to help the charity and not necessarily because they want the product. Many receive intrinsic value from donating to a good cause and a bonus of a tax write off. All fundraisers have their place, some are for community involvement others are to make money.

A great fundraiser should be beneficial to the supporter as well. Imagine if an organization could give something more, a better product, a cheaper product, a greener product, more community involvement. Now we are talking about a reciprocal fundraiser.

If you could get a product for a reduced cost and help your favorite charity, would you?

Bonus – Community building Fund Raising

Charities depend on age-old fund raising techniques because it is what they have always done. Car washes bake sales, and charity walks all have their place. These types of events build communities and can be a lot of fun for those who participate. However, when a charity is struggling to carry out their mission because of lack of donations, they need more than a one-day event. These organizations need to participate in on-going, efficient fund raising to generate money on a regular basis.

Building community today does not just involve getting supporters to your organization to look around, there is another often over-looked community online, and it is more then a website. Charities that follow their mission and have supporters can involve then in the web 2.0, reducing the energy needed to put into raiding funds, so your organization can follow its cause. The more people that know about your organization the greater good that it can do!

Do any of your fundraiser have the three keys to a successful fundraiser?

Would you like a fundraiser that did?

Brad Wuerstle at http://ChangeinEnergy.com wrote Charity Fund raising- 3 Keys to a Successful Fundraiser. Change In Energy is dedicated to conserving energy, from the energy that you use at your facility to the energy it take to put on a fund raiser. Put less energy into your fund raising and get better results submit your information at http://changeinenergy.com/fundraiser/. To your successful mission!

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Fundraising on a Zero Dollar Budget – 4 Secrets to Raising Money Fast – Starting From Scratch

Many people ask me how it’s possible to have a fundraiser starting with no money. They think they have to have money to advertise, to pay volunteers, or to pay for items to be given away. The answer is simple but requires some out of the box thinking.

Here are the steps.

1- Write down your goals. Be specific. How much money do you want to raise, by what time, etc? How much will you have to raise per day? Per week? What resources do you lack that you will need- money,printing, a venue ?

2- Make a plan- how will you raise money?

A few ideas include-

*Asking businesses to donate products/services- then having an auction

*Partnering with a business-

Ask prospective donors to donate in exchange for a free dinner, t shirt, etc. The business supplies coupons for free items/services- and you split the proceeds.

3 – Assemble your team-

Make a list of people who support your mission and ask for their assistance. If they can’t donate money-can they donate time? If they can’t donate time- can they pass the word along to potential allies?

4 – Market!

Marketing is very easy to do for free. A few free ideas-

*Knock on doors

*Post to websites/forums which support your cause. You can post a raffle event for free.

*Post on the social networking sites-myspace, twitter, facebook-etc.

*Craiglist- post free ads in the volunteer section

*Email- fast , free, and simple to use.

Remember- always be thinking of what’s important for your sponsors and volunteers-

If they are not interested in helping your group-appeal to their common sense-

*If someone donates free advertising- find a way to show them how it will contribute to their business.

*Explain to donors how giving away free products will result in more customers, more sales, and more money.

If you doubt that you can get people to give free products, services, time and endorsements- think about the website you are on right now.

Good luck!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=A_M_Murphy

Announcing: List Your Raffle for Free

Announcing: List your raffle for free

How would you like to let the world know about your next raffle fundraising event?

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How to Get Free Raffle Tickets for Your Fundraiser

So you want to hold a raffle for your organization’s fundraiser.

That’s cool. A raffle is a fantastic way to generate funds for your cause without a lot of muss and fuss.

One of the expenses of running a raffle is the cost of printing the raffle tickets. What if you were to turn that “expense” into an opportunity by simply appealing to potential donors and ask them if they would cover the cost of printing?

Often donors that cannot make a major prize donation will be more than happy to donate the cost of raffle tickets in exchange for promotional consideration printed on the ticket.
Many small businesses such as insurance agencies will often have a budget for such promotions even though they may not able to donate actual prizes. They will gain exposure in the community as a supporter of a worthwhile cause.

When contacting the donor, have the details of the ticket printing on hand. Include the name or website of the printer so that you can show the donor exactly what they will be paying for. If you are meeting in person you can bring an order form with you and have the donor write the check right then. Or, even easier, simply direct them to your printer online, and order on the spot using the donor’s credit card.

No muss. No fuss.

And everyone’s a winner!